Having repaired hundreds of bathtubs and showers over the years the old adage "they don’t make ‘em like they used to” is still very relevant in the bath tub chip business today.

    The Bottom line is people drop things and tubs will chip. The only exception is Kohler; they still sell porcelain over cast iron tubs that are just like the tubs used from early 1900’s. If you’re building today that is simply the best tub available. When we remodel a bathroom that is the tub we recommend and install.
Most plumbers and contractors will not recommend them due to the fact they are still nearly 250 lbs and all the other manufacturers have gone lightweight. 

    Mold, in leaky tub areas is a common problem, if your tub is chipped or has a crack you need to get it fixed before it becomes a real mess. Chipped tubs left without a repair can leak and can cause significant and expensive damage to surrounding flooring and walls. Call for a free estimate; I can evaluate the chip or damage and if needed repair it for a very reasonable cost. 

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This page contains information about how Spraymasters Inc. will repair bathtub chips.
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